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Philodendron Birkin

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GHS 180.00

Transform your space effortlessly with the Philodendron Birkin. Its trendy variegated leaves and low-maintenance nature make it an ideal choice for enhancing any indoor setting.


Philodendron Birkin – a stunning plant that adds elegance to your indoors. Its special leaves with green and white stripes make it a great choice for your home or office.


  • Variegated Beauty: The Philodendron Birkin has green leaves with pretty white stripes that create a lovely look.
  • Fits Anywhere: It’s not big so you can put the Philodendron Birkin on a windowsill or shelf.
  • Easy to Care For Taking care of it is simple, perfect for anyone who loves plants.
  • Clean Air: The Philodendron Birkin also helps clean the air, making your space healthier.

Taking Care:

  • Light: Keep it in a spot with bright, indirect light; no direct sun.
  • Watering: Wait for the top part of the soil to dry before watering.
  • Humidity:  It likes a bit more humidity; spray it with water or put a tray of pebbles nearby.
  • Temperature:** Keep it in a place that’s between 65-80°F (18-27°C).
  • Feeding: Give it balanced liquid food every 2-4 weeks.

Styling Tips:

  • Use the Philodendron Birkin to make your place better. It can be an excellent centrepiece, sit on a shelf, or Planted in a nice pot. The Philodendron Birkin’s cool looks will add style to your home.

Get the Philodendron Birkin for your space. It’s easy to make your place look better with its fancy leaves and simple care.


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