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Chamaedorea Palm

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GHS 150.00

Chamaedorea Palm: Elevate your space with the timeless elegance of the Chamaedorea Palm. Its lush fronds and compact size bring a touch of tropical serenity to any environment. Perfect for both homes and offices.

Available in a 14cm nursery pot, this Chamaedorea Palm stands at a height of 55cm.


The Chamaedorea Palm blends nature’s beauty with indoor elegance. Its graceful fronds add greenery to your space, purifying the air. Also known as the Parlor Palm, it symbolizes serenity and filters light, improving indoor air quality.

Our nurtured Chamaedorea Palms are easy to care for, and suitable for enthusiasts and beginners. Place in a light, water moderately for flourishing growth, enhancing decor.

Ideal for office or home, the Chamaedorea Palm creates tranquillity. Elevate your space – choose the Chamaedorea Palm, embrace its serenity, and let it purify your air.


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