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5L Pressure Sprayer

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GHS 150.00


Deepbang 5L garden sprayer is ideal for the application of pesticides, fertilizers and agrochemicals to your plants. Its features include;

  • It is an air pressure for garden with shoulder strap for agricultural gardening use. With a capacity of 5 litres, this garden sprayer is easy to use and ideal for soaking and misting.
  • It is designed with an automatic pressure relief protection value. This avoids pot burst risk when the pressure is too large and efficient, and safe to use.
  • Ergonomic pump handle and comfortable trigger shut-off adjustable cone nozzle with the spray pattern and jet pattern, extending your spraying area easily.
  • There’s a designed lock switch on the spraying head. Push down and forward. The switch can become lock status. It has a thickened bottle body and base that makes it durable and stable. Its handle has a lock switch forward and automatically balances the output water so that you can easily complete the operation without having to press it frequently.
  • Easy Filling– Unscrew and take out the pump, fill up the bottle and tighten it. Spray after dozens of times inflating bar up and down.


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