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M & M Secateur

SKU: GT3149 Category:

GHS 110.00

The premium clippers are constructed of forged aluminum handles and hardened steel blades. All pruner components can be replaced in this dependable model. Suitable for every type of pruning with its ergonomic hand fitting design. Hardened steel blade and screw-mounted anvil blade ensure reliably clean, precise cuts.



  1. To be used for stems up to 12mm.
  2. Pruning / Cutting of stem should be done in single stroke.
  3. Do not cut steel / electrical wires and metallic sheets with pruning secateurs.
  4. Wipe the blade with clean cloth after use.
  5. Put some oil in joints/ moving points.
  6. Cutting of the stem should be in angle with stem not in right angle with stem.


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