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1kg Neem Cake

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GHS 35.00


Neem Cake is an organic pesticide used to pest and disease in plants. Apart from its been an organic pesticide, It has several benefits to plant. These include;


  1. It used in the prevention and treatment of ailment disorders of plants which is due to the lack or imbalance of nutrition.
  2. Neem cake helps to accelerate root development and overall plant growth.  It also protects the plants from nematodes and white ants.
  3. It is an organic plant food that increases productivity and soil fertility.
  4. Also, it protects plants from soil nematodes when mixed with compost.
  5. Neem cake has antifungal properties. It is highly suitable for application in greenhouses.
  6. It can be applied safely in all cultures such as fruit-bearing, garden products, melon, cotton, tobacco, vineyards, flowers, vegetable etc.


When applied in conjunction with any nitrogenous fertilizers/compost, it slows the conversion of nitrogenous compounds into nitrogen gas. Thus making nitrogen available to the plants for a longer duration. Mix with soil on and around the roots of the plant.


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