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Cocopeat (25Kg)

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GHS 35.00

Derived from coconut husk, cocopeat is an eco-friendly alternative for robust plant development. With outstanding water retention and nutrient-release capabilities, it’s ideal for various applications, from seed starting to soil restoration. Experience the organic power of well-washed cocopeat for thriving gardens.


Derived from processed coconut husk for coconut fibre, cocopeat serves as a binding material within the husk. It stands as a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional growing mediums. With remarkable water retention and the ability to store and gradually release nutrients, cocopeat fosters robust plant development. Its exceptional porosity and oxygenation properties significantly contribute to healthy root growth.

Applications of cocopeat encompass:

– Seed starting
– Bedding plants
– Planters
– Vegetable gardens
– Container farming
– Soil restoration
– Greenhouses
…and much more.

Our cocopeat is well washed, boasting an impressive capacity for water and nutrient retention. Experience the organic power of cocopeat for thriving plants and gardens.


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